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Its A FILA Christmas

Since time immemorial, Christmas is often associated with high spending and shop operators take it as a period to rake in sales.

As a result, this has given birth to Christmas fashion trends with the most notable ones being camouflage and Gucci branded apparel in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

This year, it appears Fila branded wear is the most sought after if shop displays are anything to go about.

Shop owners operating from Harare Central Business District (CBD) have confirmed the gold rush for Fila branded wear and are sure the South Korea based company brand will dominate this festive season.

“Sales are generally low, it does not even reflect of a typical festive season. But, from the few customers that we have received, all their eyes are on Fila label ndofunga ndolabel reChristmas ino (maybe that is this year’s Christmas label),” said Priscilla Matonzi a shop attendant.

“We go for what people are after, this is why you are seeing most clothes on display labelled Fila, that’s what people are buying most,” explained another shop attendant of New Look Boutique.

Despite that most of Fila branded clothes are fake, to some, what is more important is looking good.

“Yes, I understand that 99% chance is my Fila trainers are fake but to me what is important is to look presentable and well furnished, and I achieved it as you can see,” said Prince Mwanza while glances at his shoes.

Fila is an Italian company that was founded in 1911 and has its headquaters in Seoul, South Korea.


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