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Look Alive Winter Collection Finally Arrives

Local designer and clothing line, Look Alive has bemoaned the cash strapped economy for hampering the release of their 2018 winter collection on time.

Following their winter stock release on Monday, Look Alive co-founder, Panashe Chingosho in an interview with 263Chat bemoaned the current economic problems facing the country which he said had stalled progress on the launch of their new collection.

“It’s so unfortunate that, because of the economic challenges we had to wait until now, half way past winter to have our products in stores,” said Chingosho.

He, however noted that these circumstances were good for their experience as a growing brand name as they had to improvise on releasing designs that would suit winter and spring/summer wear considering a posthumous delivery.

“So then, we, knowing that our winter collection will be out for sell around mid July towards spring/summer, had to come up with a creative product, that a customer preparing for summer wardrobe can dig into.

“And so we chose yellow for our 2018 winter collection colour theme which makes the outfits suitable for winter and summer wear. Material or texture of this year’s collection best suits winter while the colour theme is pro summer.

“It also brings a new twist to how people perceive winter wear as many associate winter wear with dull colours,” added Chingosho

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Look Alive came to life in 2016 and since then the clothing line has been grappling to stamp their ground on clothing lines due to economic restraints.


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