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Jah Prayzah, Former Miss Curvy Stir Controversy With Intimate Pics

Popular musician, Jah Prayzah has once again stirred controversy with  cosy pictures of himself and former Miss Curvy Zimbabwe, Tanya Chikuni, currently hogging the limelight on social media.

The curvacious Chikuni, who stars in Jah Prayzah’s latest single Sadza Ne Muriwo as the singer’s lover shared photos of herself together with the lanky crooner in very compromising positions that have left many pondering on the quality of relationship between the two.

Reactions to the photos have seen some women thankful for their non-involvement with celebrities.

“Ndinokutendai Mwari hamuna kundipfuudza nekumacelubhu zvokwadi umwe waisiya mic tikadzokera uzumba kunorima gadhe (I thank God for not giving me a chance with any celebrity, I would have never been able to come to terms with that),” wrote one female.

While some, on first sight of the photos, initially thought it was Jah Prayzah and his wife but to their dismay after a second look.

“Ndandati ndiMai Jah, chibasa chakaoma ichi, (I initially thought it’s Jah’s wife in that picture, this job is tough),” wrote another user.

However, all seems well between Jah Prayzah and his wife as the couple continues to share promotional videos of the song Sadza Ne Muriwo.

Jah Prayzah is not new to controversy involving women, in 2015 he stirred controversy with images of him together with former ZIFA CEO Henrietta Rushwaya.

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