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Johane Masowe Leaders Arrested For Breaching COVID-19 Regulations

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has announced the arrest of two Johane Masowe church leaders for holding a church service in breach of COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the police, Clyton Makavi (35) and Tendai Zhakata (30) were caught leading a Johanne Masowe church service at an open space in Zengeza 5 Extension.

The service was attended by approximately 23 members comprising men and women.

However, scores of people on social media attacked the police for the arrest accusing them of using a selective application of the law.

“This is so pathetic…you were told that Johani Marange were gathering thousands but we didnt hear of any arrest. So low,” wrote  a Twitter user known as Good News.

“Selective application of the law. You allowed Johane Marange members to gather in their thousands for more than a week. Despite the issue being brought to your attention you took no action,” reiterated another twitter user, Andy Gocha.

Meanwhile, the ZRP has warned the public against breaching Covid-19 regulations by holding church services.

Recently, the law enforcement agents were under fire for allowing thousands of Johane Marange followers to hold their annual pilgrimage at Mafararikwa village in Bocha, Manicaland province.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) once petitioned police to urgently disperse the gathering and arrest the leaders but not action was made by the police.

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