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Knives Out For Mambo Dhuterere

Social media users are baying for musician Mambo Dhuterere’s blood following his open counsel against infidelity in society.

Dhuterere who is also a pastor at St John Apostolic Church of the World raffled furthers yesterday when he launched a tirade against promiscuous men in society saying they were normalizing the abnormal.

“Just because many people are sinning in a certain way does not make the act right. It is not normal for a married man to have a girlfriend it is abnormal!” exclaimed Dhuterere.

He warned that adulterous people will burn in hell, “don’t ever think that because many of you are doing it God will spare you, you will all burn in hell in your numbers.”

Dhuterere’s tirade did not sit well with some section of the social media users who felt the Ndisesekedze singer was missing the mark by interfering in other people’s personal business.

“Mind your business Dhuterere, instead tell your wife to dance decently on stage,” wrote one user.

“Stay in your lane Mambo, ita zvemagitare zvoperera ikoko,” added another.

However Dhuterere found support in top comedienne Mai Titi who applauded his bold sentiments.

“So after Mambo Dhuterere posted his words of wisdom some people started criticizing and looking for faults. Honestly, there was nothing wrong in him telling us not to promote promiscuity. If men didn’t cheat even HIV would not be reigning like this. We wouldn’t be suffering as women with STIs STDs all these stupid diseases which could be easily avoided.” said Mai Titi.

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