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Seh Calaz Freaks Out Over “Apera” Assertions

Mbare-bred Zimdancehall chanter, Seh Calaz has come out guns blazing lashing at people who say he has exhausted everything from his bag of tricks in as far as his music career is concerned.

Calaz, together with Killer T and Soul Jah Love are among the pioneering Zimdancehall musicians who burst onto the scene over five years ago, becoming instant household names in the high density suburbs popularly known as ghettos.

In his recent statement themed Debunking the Myth that I’m “finished” the Hatipisike singer shared self-tailored discography of his songs that he believes were chart-busting tracks between 2012 and 2019, while labelling music lovers who have made up their minds to conclude that he is done anti-Calaz.

“One of the most repeated anti-me phrases is that “apera.” My detractors use this weapon of mass disinformation to drive a mischievous agenda that shows a total lack of respect for my hard work and efforts. Since I started singing, I haven’t had a year where I don’t have a song or songs that my fans go crazy about. I admit that I am NEVER going to be everyone’s favorite artist. Life doesn’t work that way but to say that I’m finished is an agenda of the wicked,” he wrote before adding a discography of his “top tracks” from 2012 to 2019.

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“Here are my top tracks for each year I started, 2012-Mbaree, 2013-Hatipisike – mumota murikubvira – Mabhanditi- Gore rino chakanyunduka – Handinyengerere – Mukubvira ft Turbilance – MaDiss, 2014 – Kwatinobva- Handikendenge – Munamato wangu – Pandakatanga – MaDiss, 2015 – Bhanditi rebirth album – MaDiss, 2016 – Madhara Ane- Ndebvu Mangongo – Hohwa, 2017-I’m free-Tichasangana – Ndini- Sadaka-Changamire dombo, 2018- Lovers Reggae album-Taligalizer -Vanoyera 2019 – Unondisvitsa Kure- Reurura- Vape Hondo.”

Seh Calaz is not the first artist to freak out over assertions of an artist’s career taking a nosedive. After releasing his last album Chitubu, contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah came out guns blazing attacking a reporter who had reviewed the album and ruled it out to be of “no substance.”

Reports say the feud went as far as the reporter receiving some death threats from some unknown assailants believed to be Jah Prayzah’s loyalists.

In one of his many Facebook posts, local music influencer, Plot Mhako wrote, “Don’t call it hate when people disapprove an artist’s new works. It’s folly to only take praises and view every disapproval as hate! People who praise you on everything maybe cheering your downfall too.” he wrote.

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