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Lorraine Guyo Dismisses Room Of Getting Back With Thomas Chizhanje

Popular socialite, Lorraine Guyo has trashed the possibility of reigniting romance with her former manager and social media influencer Thomas Chizhanje.

Guyo dismissed Chizhanje while answering 50 questions from her Facebook followers.

One Facebook user Ashford Ashbragger Chimombe asked,  “do you still love Thomas Chizhanje because he Thomas is a spiritual husband do you ever mistakenly dream about him in either normal dreams or wet dreams ..and lastly who is your Crush in Zimbabwe besides inini (sic).”

Responding, she sternly threw the possibility of uniting with Chizhanje writing, “Ashford Ashbragger Chimombe I don’t and I don’t see myself going back to Thomas at all.”

This was a major blow to Chizhanje who had last week celebrated after singer, Mudiwa Hood shut out Guyo who had been throwing herself at the rapper.

In a post that circulated on social media, Mudiwa Hood highlighted that he is looking to settle with a woman who is not in the spotlight, much to Chizhanje’s glee.

Social media users took this as a message to socialites, Guyo and Anna Honde who often make moves at him. At the time, Guyo had posted a picture with Mudiwa which had many pressuring the rapper to date her. On the other hand, Honde would often tag Mudiwa notifying him of her availability on the market.

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