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No Second Chance For Chizhanje: Lorraine Guyo

Popular actress, Lorraine Guyo has dismissed any room for another go with former boyfriend and socialite Thomas Chizhanje.

The two made headlines last year following a nasty break up with Guyo accusing Chizhanje of shortchanging her hard-earned money accumulated through comic skits online.

Guyo who rose to prominence after her skit pleading with men to ask her out went viral, made noise accusing Chizhanje of breaking her virginity before dumping her.

However, in a recent random post shared on Instagram, where she was asked if she would reconsider her ex-boyfriends, Guyo did not mince her words rubbishing off the idea.

“Iiiiii please ndisiyeyi aaah nhai(No! Please leave me alone), never in Jesus name,” said Guyo.

This comes a few weeks after Guyo issued a warning to her ex-lover for posting their pictures together on social media.

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