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Komichi Lawyers Insist On Using V11 Forms

The trial of Movement for Democratic Change Deputy President, Morgan Komichi took a new twist yesterday after his lawyers insisted on using V11 forms despite an earlier ruling against his application to access them as part of his defence.

Komichi’s lawyers, Obey Shava and Jeremiah Bhamu emerged in the court room with cardboard boxes full of V11 forms saying the papers were part of their defence outline.

Shava said his client, accused of interfering with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission proceedings needed V11 forms to prove his innocence.

But State prosecutor, Michael Reza argued that some of the documents needed by the defence such as minutes of the meeting between ZEC and election agents were not recorded hence not available for use in court.

He also told the court that the state was not in possession of the V11 forms as they were destroyed in accordance with section 70 (3) of the electoral act which stipulates that all election residues should be destroyed 14 days after the announcement of results.

“I feel for the accused person because his lawyers are misleading him, this is a law because the election ended early August 2018 and now he is still in possession of election papers, he might be arrested,” said Reza.

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