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Mixed Reactions to Mnangagwa Cabinet Appointment


A cross section of Zimbabweans have condemned President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recently appointed 22-member cabinet saying it was largely an act of “rewarding” his loyalists without looking at capacity to deliver.

Mnangagwa on Thursday night appointed 22 ministers, six deputy ministers and 10 provincial ministers mainly made up of the same people who served under the former President, Robert Mugabe.

The only surprises in his cabinet are Major General Sibusiso Moyo who is now in charge of Foreign Affairs, July Moyo (Local Government), Kazembe Kazembe (Sports Arts and Recreation) as well as Professor Amon Murwira who now heads the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Air Force commander, Perence Shiri has also been appointed Lands and Agriculture minister.

Mnangagwa’s cabinet has been by the generality of people who believe it is not inspiring and is a step back from the confidence the former vice President had built since his appointment a week ago.

“I am not yet sure on how i should react because i don’t know what to expect from the same old people who were in Mugabe’s cabinet.

“I am sure i wasn’t the only one who was expecting new faces in the so called New Zimbabwe. What Mnangagwa has done is recycling dead wood which is loyal to him and that won’t help the country move forward,” said Tawanda, a Harare resident.

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“My main concern, however, is the poor representation of women over men. The new cabinet is male dominated and that is not going to help Mnangagwa win more admirers. How can we have only three women in there,” asked Mai Ndaona.

Her sentiments were also echoed by another Harare woman, Runya, who queried the exclusion of women from Mnangagwa’s cabinet which she said should have been better represented.

“We are happy with the new cabinet they are allowing us to operate freely that’s the type of governance we love” said a Harare based Michael Samboko.

A Bulawayo based political commentator, Discent Bajila said the cabinet appointment closes the debate on whether or not Mnangagwa will create a multiparty government.

“As I said from day one, it doesn’t make sense for anyone with 70 percent of parliament and 100 percent military backing to form a multiparty government. This also means that Chinamasa was right and Mutsvangwa was wrong,” said Bajila.

Another political commentator, Canfred Pambuka was rather brutal with the truth saying Mnangagwa was justified to appoint his loyalists, especially considering that elections are around the corner.

“You can’t just appoint people you do not know for the sack of pleasing the masses and disappoint his lieutenants who helped him get to the helm, Mnangagwa was not elected by the masses, he was nominated by Zanu PF to replace Mugabe an elected and failed leader,” said Pambuka.

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Meanwhile Coalition of Democrats (CODE) has expressed concern over the new cabinet saying Mnangagwa failed to align with the statutes of the constitution of Zimbabwe.

“He appointed Provincial Ministers that is against the dictates of the constitution. It proves he is a man who has no desire to support the constitution.

“The cabinet itself shows serious loop-holes. ZANU PF needs to clarify if the well-know defence personnel whom he appointed as ministers have entirely retired from the army.

“If not, this could be another dangerous scenario of this country being controlled directly or indirectly by the army. Zimbabwe needs in-corrupt practices where checks and balances can be done in a manner that does provoke any party or any one,” said Elton Mangoma, leader of the CODE.

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