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Disband ZEC: Chamisa


The opposition, MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa on saturday called for the disbanding of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) saying the electoral mother body failed in its mandate to be an impartial referee.

The 40 year old opposition leader tried in vain to challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory with the Constitutional Court upholding the ZEC pronouncements ruling that the applicant lacked primary evidence to prove his case that the election  were stolen from him.

Addressing his supporters on Saturday at a ‘Thank You’ rally in Chitungwiza at Huruyadzo stadium, Chamisa said what transpired in July elections showed that ZEC is incompetent to conduct elections in Zimbabwe.

“In fact going forward, we believe that Chigumba is incapable together with her commissioners to run an effective and credible election in this country.

Chamisa said all parties should agree on the referee as the basis of neutrality.

“Chigumba has clearly shown that she is biased, and we are going to ask for the disbandment of ZEC and have a properly constituted independent ZEC going forward,” said Chamisa.


Chamisa has since refused to accept the court ruling and is taking the matter to the African Commission for redress while insisting that he will also employ the political route to restore what he described as the stolen will of the majority charging that he won the popular vote by at least 2.6 million votes.

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“Zec rigged the alphabetical order on the ballot paper in favor of Mnangagwa. Zec rigged by registering Khupe’s party with same features of another party which is against the law and the total number of printed ballot papers by ZEC is unknown,” he added.

The MDC Alliance lost to Zanu PF in parliamentary elections by two thirds with the ruling party garnering at least 145 seats to the former’s 64.

Prior to the July 30 elections, the MDC Alliance tried in vain to petition ZEC and its chairperson Justice Priscilla Makanyara Chigumba on a litany of electoral reforms with the commission boss saying even an earthquake will not stop elections after Chamisa had threatened to stop the polls.

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance national women affairs boss Lynnete Karenyi lashed into President Mnangagwa’s Commission of Inquiry intended to investigate the violence of the 1st of August to establish the causes and perpetrators of violence saying it is compromised.

“We demand to know who killed that woman who did not know anything about the protest.”

“We don’t want to see that commission that features Madhuku, because that commission will not bring forward the truth. It will give us wrong information; we want true information on what transpired,” said Karenyi.

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