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Mnangagwa Has Forgotten About Us: Workers

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has queried President Emmerson Mnangangwa’s reluctance to meet with workers since his assumption of office in November last year saying he is forgetting a critical stakeholder in his promised ‘good future’ for the country.

Addressing a group of unemployed teachers who were protesting in Harare last week, PTUZ Secretary General, Raymond Majongwe said Mnangagwa has ignored teachers while meeting with prophets, youths and business people among other sectors.

“Since assuming office, Emmerson has met witch-doctors, prophets, youths, businessmen and thieves, while forgetting teachers and workers, yet the good future he is promising us can never come true without people in those sectors,” said Majongwe.

He added that people should stop celebrating Mnangagwa’s promises, but, instead, celebrate feasible fruits of his work.

“The tragedy we have is of celebrating what Emmerson is saying when we are seeing no practical work from him. Teachers, in schools are understaffed, they are overloaded with work yet we have thousands of unemployed teaching graduates who are turning to vending for a living,” added Majongwe.




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