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New Political Outfit Lashes At Mnangagwa, Chamisa


President of the newly launched political party Multi-People’s Democratic Party of Zimbabwe (MPDP), Bishop Emmanuel Moyana has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop running around the world signing deals while neglecting democratic and electoral reforms as there are a lot of issues which need to be addressed before the country goes for the much-anticipated elections.

Speaking to 263Chat, Moyana said Mnangagwa must deliver electoral reforms to the nation, in line with his “The voice of the people is the voice of God,”mantra, as it is the people who need electoral reforms to be implemented for the country to have free and fair elections.

“If Mnangagwa wants us to have a free and fair election, he should allow ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) to invite independent election observers from the Africa Union, SADC and the European Union bloc. The lack of those observers in previous elections has resulted in our elections not to be recognised internationally.

“We have not been able to give people what they want because the people want a credible election. Unfortunately, the Mnangagwa government has not given the nation time to participate in electoral reforms discussion openly,” said Moyana.

Among other reforms, the South African based Bishop, said the Mnangagwa administration must release the voters’ roll two months prior to the election to allow for inspection.

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The calls for electoral reforms have been getting louder with each passing day. Recently, MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa declared that elections will not be held with reforms.


Questioned on what his party has to offer to the people of Zimbabwe, Moyana said, unlike MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa’s ‘unrealistic’ recent utterances and promises, his MPDP party will bring the ‘real issues’ that affect people on a daily basis.

“I believe our party, MPDP, is very unique from other parties in that we are not promising the nation skyscrapers or bullet trains and spaghetti roads, no, ours are basic promises which affect the daily lives of citizens.

“We are saying a family should at least be able to afford three meals a day, where parents can send their kids to school without a hustle, where people are able to open industries and create employment.

“We are not going to be promising people big things because we know our country is in a big quagmire which needs small steps, but issues of land tenure and property rights ” he added.

With elections barely three months away, new political parties have been emerging everyday. Currently there are more than 100 political parties vying for the country’s highest political office.

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