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Mudiwa Challenges Baba Harare

Outspoken musician, Mudiwa Hood challenged Jiti crooner, Baba Harare to prove if he is the one behind his Twitter handle’s well-articulated English tweets that have endeared him with the platform’s users since he joined the micro-blogging site a few months ago.

After joining the platform last month, Baba Harare impressed Twitter users with well-articulated tweets in the Queen’s language – a stark difference from witty vernacular posts he is popular for on Facebook.

While he continued to impress the Twitter community, trouble started when the Stambo singer changed gears and started rallying young people to register to vote in next year’s general elections.

The change in messaging from jokes to serious ‘advocacy’ did not go down well with pro-ruling Zanu PF supporters who started attacking Baba Harare for “involving himself with politics.”

This prompted Mudiwa Hood to warn Baba Harare against inviting trouble in his career before challenging him to prove that he is behind the impressively written tweets.

“Artists be kind to your brands, hiring these erudite, sagacious “PhD” in linguistics & political science publicists to run your social media handles is nothing but TROUBLE. Vachakutangirai hondo dziri unnecessary, Be yourself, We know its not YOU, If I am wrong host a SPACE tinzwe,” wrote Mudiwa.

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But an unfazed Baba Harare responded saying his brand will maintain an unapologetic approach in urging people to register, also emphasizing that he will not be molested into proving anything.

“Rangu brand cares about #RegisterToVoteZW I will tweet this in any language. I am not here to prove anything to anyone. Now go and argue with your ancestors.”

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