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Ti Gonzi’s Manager Whips Rapper Into Apologising To Mudiwa


After launching an attack on his counterpart Mudiwa Hood, labelling him an overhasty and egotistical person, Ti Gonzi has apologised.

According to Ti Gonzi’s manager Dr Bond, this was a result of a meeting with his artiste in which they enlightened each other on the path they have to embark on that is far from feuding and disses.

“As an artist manager i do not like my artist to involve himself in unnecessary stuff. I want Ti Gonzi as a brand,to have a positive impact on the society,the nation at large and be a role model to many people who look up to him. I fully believe and know that he is extra gifted so much that he should not misuse it and set an example for other artistes as well.Apparently, l sat down with my boy, we discussed about it and we agreed that he wholeheartedly make some “hard” decisions for our good and apologize to any individuals that he may have wronged in entertainment circles. I know he has been the best Hip Hop Freestyle artist for years and he won rap battles as well. It’s the game and we are now getting onto the new chapter no more dissing other artistes,” said Bond

In his apology Ti Gonzi acknowledged disrespecting the “Ndaita Mari” singer and blamed his actions on influence from “bad friends” and alcohol.

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“I would want to apologize to you my older brother, Mudiwa for talking bad about you.That was highly disrespectful my elder.Nomatter what I had no reason to do that.There is a lot of people vanofurira and sometimes just by association they even buy us zvinodhaka and it ends up resulting in us kutaura zvatinongoda.Now lam a changed man,l have repented and ndakunamata kuteverawo my management.So I wanna take this time to genuinely ask for forgiveness especially to my elder brother Mudiwa.l also wanna extend my apologies to everyone who didn’t like this and commented against me.l repeat lam a changed man now.Ndinoti ndiregerereiwo kubva pasi pasi pemoyo. to all artistes I dissed the list is endless.Ndozvinoita kukura.I hope ndichaitawo zvinhu zvisvinu muhupenyu ndinaMwari mukati ,nekuti chinhu chese chinaMwari mukati I Hope ndadzidza kuti chinofamba,” said Gonzi.

Meanwhile, Mudiwa has since accepted the apology in a recent post on social media.

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