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Mutodi Strikes Again, Goes Into ED Overdrive

Former Rhumba musician and now Deputy Information Minister Energy Mutodi has taken his praise and worshipping gear up by showering President Emmerson Mnangagwa with praises after his scarf was bought for a staggering RTGS$250 000 at a Warriors Fundraising Dinner last night.

Mnangagwa’s trademark scarf was bought by a fuel tycoon, Kudakwashe Tagwirei as part of efforts to raise funds for the Warriors who are in Egypt for the 2019 edition of the African Cup of Nations Finals.

Posting on his microblogging site, Twitter, Mutodi who is no stranger to controversial remarks, said the scarf’s asking price proved how Mnangagwa was popular.

“President ED Mnangagwa’s scarf was yesterday auctioned for a whopping RTGS$250 000.00 at the Warriors fundraising dinner proving the President’s popularity. A tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei wrestled the scarf away after out-bidding another businessman Tinoda Machakaire,” he said.

Mutodi’s statement, ironically, comes at a time when Mnangagwa’s popularity is waning due to a rapid economic collapse which has seen prices of basic commodities shooting up while inflation has also skyrocketed.


The RTGs currency has also continued to lose value against the US dollar which has given rise to exorbitant black market prices of the greenback.

Fuel prices have risen twice in the past month leaving the already struggling citizens languishing in poverty.

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This has raised the ire of citizens as they accuse Mnangagwa of failing to proffer solutions to the ailing economy.

The opposition MDC has threatened to take to the streets to force Mnangagwa out of power if the situation does not improve.

“…we want to remove Mnangagwa and his government, not the civil servants. We want to remove those that use the country, not those used by the politicians,” MDC leader Nelson Chamisa was quoted saying yesterday at the funeral of the late Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java.

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