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New Students movement formed


Scores of students from different tertiary institutions have formed a new students’ union going by the name Students’ Voice.

In an interview with 263chat, Students’ Voice interim spokesperson Hilary Mugari said the driving force behind the formation the new Union was the politicization of existing student movements.

“Having realized that most of the existing Unions are now diverting from their core values, we came to the realization that we need a body that caters for the concerns of students. We want a students body that will speak for the students and stand for the voiceless students,” said Mugari.

He accused existing Unions which include Zinasu  and Zicosu for aligning to political parties.

“Most of the existing Unions are aligned to political parties while  abandoning the grievances of the students, whom they are supposed  to serve.We are here to correct that,” declared Mugari.

He added, “We also have students on industrial attachment being forced to pay fees equal  to those on campus, this exercise must be abolished .

“Students must pay assessment fees only because they do not spend time at school, they do not use facilities that residing students use, so why should they be made to pay full school fees?” queried the interim chairperson, Shingirai Chabata.

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He said it is imperative for government through the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education to align tertiary laws to the constitution so as to cater for students’ rights .

Shupikai Chivenge, the interim organizing secretary said students have lost confidence in the Student’s Representative Councils hence the formation of Students’ Voice  to restore confidence  among students.

The yet to be launched Union will cater for students from all learning institutions , universities, polytechnic colleges, vocational training centers.

The interim committee said they are putting in place structures across the country.

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  • Most revolutions against injustices were started by students. So how are you going to justify remaining docile while the government runs amok and abuse the weak and poor?

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