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No Country Should Be A Prefect For The Other: Chinamasa Tells Off US


ZANU PF’s acting spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa has maintained on his rant and rave course towards the United States of America government telling the North American country to stop acting like Zimbabwe’s ‘prefect.’

Speaking on ZiFM last night, Chinamasa highlighted that the US has no right whatsoever to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe as all countries are equal.

“All countries are equal, no country should act as a prefect of the other. The USA has no right to impose sanctions on anyone, this is reflective of their quest to see us submit to their will in the guise of human rights reforms.

“When we decide to make reforms, they will be for Zimbabweans to enjoy not Americans. If we decide to make adjustments to POSA it will be for Zimbabweans to enjoy, so why does America persuade us into reforms from which they will not benefit from?” queried Chinamasa.


This comes weeks after the former finance minister labelled the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, a ‘thug.’

In his interview, Chinamasa indicated that he does not regret those utterances neither will they affect re-engagement efforts the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government has embarked on.

“I was only being honest, engagement is neither capitulation nor appeasement, us wanting to re-engage does not mean we should not tell each other the truth. The moment we stop addressing our grievances yielding to whatever the US says in the name of re-engagement we would have lost our sovereignty,” said Chinamasa.

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