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NPRC Condemns Violence at Tsvangirai’s Burial


The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has condemned the violence that occurred at the burial of the late MDC T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera last week saying the nation should stop victimization of women while upholding the constitution that recognizes ethnic diversity.

In a statement released on Tuesday, NPRC Deputy Chairperson, Lilian Chigwedere expressed the commission’s discomfort about the violence that happened at burial of Tsvangirai in Buhera calling on people to desist from making utterances that denigrate other ethnic groups.

“The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission is saddened by reports on intra-party violence and disturbances in Buhera at the burial of the Late MDC T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

“The nation is therefore implored to stop immediately the victimization of women and respect the gender equality provisions in our constitution, desist from making utterances that denigrate other people along ethnic lines and uphold our constitution that recognizes ethnic diversity and 16 official languages.

“Avoid using insulting, obscene or threatening language against other members of society be it in intraparty or interparty situations. There has to be respect for direct views without resorting to violence,” said Chigwedere.

The NPRC further condemned all other scenes of violence that result in loss of lives and destruction of property as reported to have happened recently in Harare.

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“In all respects the NPRC implores citizens to value life and engage in meaningful dialogue with view to ending disputes peacefully.

“Law enforcement officers are implored to desist from the use of excessive and inappropriate force against citizens but use dialogue as a means of achieving a lasting peace resolution.” she added.

The commission further urged political leaders to desist from inciting members to engage in violence and criminal activities.

The nation has to have a culture of resolving conflicts and disputes peacefully.

However the NPRC remains ready to perform its constitutional mandate of facilitating dialogue between individuals, communities, intraparty or interparty political situations.

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