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Observe Laws On Equal Representation, Mnangagwa Urged


Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, an umbrella body representing women from various organisations has registered its dissatisfaction at the recent cabinet appointments saying the new administration had failed to respect the country laws, policies and values that speak on equal representation of women and men in all institutions.

In a statement released on Saturday, WCoZ said President Emmerson Mnangagwa had failed to align his cabinet appointments with the constitutional imperatives requiring equal representation of women and men in state institutions.

“We must note that women have been deliberately excluded from recognition and for their participation in public affairs in Zimbabwe prior to independence and marginalized further since 1980,

“We are therefore saddened at the apparent failure to appoint equal numbers of women and men to Cabinet,

“The Executive continues to reflect a flagrant disregard of Zimbabwean law, policy, and values; this is despite public statements and legal commitments that oblige the state in particular the Head of State to demonstrate inclusivity in the current dispensation,” said WCoZ.

The group added that Mnangagwa government of Zimbabwe had perennially failed to observe the constitutional provisions of gender equality and non-discrimination,

“The new Cabinet represents 13.6% which falls far short of the required 50%,

“This is contrary to His Excellency’s inaugural speech which committed to a renewed Zimbabwe based on principles of inclusivity and equality,” added the statement.

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It must be recalled that gender equality and non-discrimination is enshrined in the constitution including Sections 17, 56 and 104 among others and further prescriptively sets 50% as the representation target of women in all State institutions including the executive.

“The cabinet is not aligned to the constitution fully as only 6 women out of 33 men (15.3%) were announced,

“It is glaring that there are no positive measures being taken to rectify gender discrimination and imbalances resulting from past practices and policies,” read the statement.

Zimbabwe is a signatory to the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, the post 2016 Agenda as reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 5 on Equality, the Protocol on the rights of Women in Africa and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

According to WCoZ, Zimbabwe’s recent action of snubbing women undermines the status of Zimbabwe in the community of nations who ratified conventions that seek to raise the status of women in society.

The women’s group called on Mnangagwa to align his decisions with constitutional imperatives, particularly those relating to gender equality in all spheres adding that he should re-consider the cabinet appointments to increase women stake.

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