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Opinion: Nkosana Moyo, Fit For Purpose


It has been a hectic schedule since Nkosana Moyo announced his intention to run for President in 2018 under the Alliance for the People’s Agenda, APA, banner. Straight after launch, Nkosana gave his first one on one interview to 263Chat before speaking to the Zimbabwe Independent and going on to Ruvheneko’s show. If before, some of the younger generation were asking “who?” soon after the first round of interviews, they were saying, “wow!”

By Albert Gumbo

Nkosana has been a game changing breath of fresh air on to the Zimbabwean political scene.

He point blank refuses to engage in mud-slinging while at the same time being absolutely firm on the reasons why he will not go in to a coalition. In the face of huge pressure he as responded with calmness on the Gukurahundi question, preferring to maintain his “restorative justice, instead of retributive justice” line because this is something that he is committed to.

Nkosana wants to build the future and he believes that when a country’s citizens sense that they are “in this together” in times of prosperity and challenging times, you begin to achieve national cohesion. This is a major goal of APA’s. It means that economic development under an APA government will be uniformly spread across the country. There will be, of necessity, concerted efforts to let people unburden themselves of what transpired in that very dark period of our post-independence history and we will discuss the best way to then move forward without every forgetting what happened. Nkosana believes a thriving region where people fell they belong to the country and equally share in the democracy dividend is one way to go.

In interview after interview, Nkosana has spoken with candor on what he sees as the other pillars that will help to restore Zimbabwe to a place of honor among the nations.


Dr Nkosana Moyo addressing a press conference in Harare recently.

He speaks of institutions that will serve all Zimbabweans and not merely exist to protect the interests of a single political party. This means that, under an APA government, the army, police service and CIO will be caring, protective and professional institutions whose primary interest will be protecting the people of Zimbabwe and our borders. It is a refreshing take that looks forward and that reassures the members of these institutions who really just want to return to being the professional they dreamt of.

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Then of course, Nkosana turns to the economy.

He does not shy away from uttering the words, “small government” because he is not a man looking for jobs for pals. Nkosana and the APA team understand that government expenditure cannot go to service salaries at a rate of 97%. It is clearly unsustainable.

We are clear that cabinet will be no more than 20 portfolios and that, in place of moribund Deputy Ministers, we intend to introduce a system of Junior Ministers.

What is the difference between the two, you ask? Well, it is quite simply that Deputy Ministers neither sit in cabinet, nor act in the absence of their Minister while still drawing salaries, ministerial cars and other perks that drain national treasury. Surely this is unacceptable?


Junior Ministers, however in an APA government, will sit in cabinet and participate in decision making. Great leaders build great nations with generational vision, rather than keeping a distracted eye on the next election.

The innovation of Junior Ministers means two important things: On the one hand you will have a team of young, energetic and innovative Ministers, all up to or below the age of 35, helping to shape decisions in cabinet. On the other hand, you are creating a clear succession, a taboo word in some political parties, for the long term future of the country! This is not a leader looking to stay in power whether in opposition, which won’t be long, or in government!

How do I know he is telling the truth?

Well for starters, he stated at the launch of his Presidential bid that he would serve only one term. If a man, chosen for his skills for cabinet, could walk away from the trappings of power on principle, you can bet your last dollar that he will keep his word. I want to give one more example, before I end.

Nkosana has had a sterling career and at the age of 60 earned himself a well-earned retirement from a career that had taken him to the top levels of Standard Chartered bank, International Finance Corporation and The African Development Bank to cite just a few examples.

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A nice glass of wine, slippers, long walks in the country and all the creature comforts of retirement beckoned. Instead, he spoke to his partners in his overseas equity firm, took a salary cut and headed back to the continent to start up and run the Mandela Institute for Development Studies, MINDS, simply because the man felt he needed to continue to work for the development of the African continent.

He has been doing that quietly for the last few years helping shape African thought and practice across the continent.

That makes him a hero in my book. You see, “character is what you do when no one is watching.” But as you know, you cannot hide a light under the bushel and so he agreed to postpone the slippers for a bit longer and enter the fray for a chance to turn Zimbabwe’s fortunes around.

I have seen and heard the man. I know in my heart of hearts that he is fit for purpose and represents the best chance for Zimbabwe to stop its embarrassing decline, turn the corner and become the country we were really meant to be.

I suspect you sense the same thing but you are fretting about why he is not holding massive rallies around the country. Worry not, instead, do your best to share the news. Tell your friends and family what you see and hear and let them make their choice. The principle of choice is one that is dear to us at APA. There is not a single Zimbabwean, at home or scattered abroad, who does not have family in the rural areas, in small towns or cities. This heroes’ holiday, tell them Nkosana is the real deal, ask them to prepare to register to vote, encourage them to cast that all important vote and let’s put this man and his team in to government so that we can walk with our heads high again. It is time.

Alfred Gumbo is a member of Nkosana Moyo’s Alliance for People Agenda (APA) and can be contacted on gumbo.albert@gmail.com

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