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Poem: The Born Free


Birthed in the House of Stone, the seat of monarchs long dead.

A kingdom bathed in blood reborn to grow and forge ahead.

Its people freed from yoke so they can till the land at will.
The land where Hope was forged The Promise sung by those They killed.
Those that remained would father The Born Free, the chosen.
Given the gift of future, to implement what once was spoken.
Danced they did the Independent on that day of days.
For they had won the right to be, the right to govern in any way.
From these expectant bosoms, The Born Free would suckle.
Upon the hard won earth they would crawl, walk and rumble.
The horrors of war, of those raped, hung and shot a distant echo.
The Promise, the Hope, the only things they will not let go.
Would that you could see them now standing in the road.
Waiting to implode.
Looking to make a dollar selling recharge cards and bobble heads .
Begging from cars of wealthy Independents for a piece of bread.
The halls of knowledge built for them depleted of true masters.
They can read and write but cannot Hope for better pastures.
See the young man with lost ambition, spinning his wheels for lack of options.
His reality too bleak so he must blind himself with new concoctions.
Trapped inside illicit brews, cough mixtures and heady herbs that numb desire.
His dreams are haunting, he’s lost the fire.
The Independents want more from him but The Promise was already broken.
How can he achieve when fists that broke the chains now choke him?
See the young woman in her cage.
The nature of her struggle much more older than her age.
Her body is her currency, the going rate is high.
She lies down on her back if tears could drown then she would die.
She walks the streets at night praying her battle won’t begin.
The sunrise does not bring smiles where does she hide her sin?
She journeys home to feed the hungry mouths what she can offer.
Let the Independents come and use her.
She has been conquered.These Born Frees, these Unfulfilled, what direction will they go?
The Independents said “So Far So Good” like they don’t know.
The Born Frees will wait with battered bodies and altered minds.
Waiting for The Promise. Waiting for their time.Source: www.outerimagesinnerthoughts.wordpress.com

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