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Shashl ‘Roasted’ For Playing Victim Card


Social media users have condemned musician Shashl, real name Ashley Moyo, for filing rape charges against renowned music producer and ex-boyfriend DJ Levels.

Shashl told a local tabloid that she was raped and abused by the award winning music producer and has gone further to report the matter to the police.

She accused Levels of forcing her into a relationship by threatening to bar her from recording at his studio in Mbare.

She further claimed that, when they finally started dating, Levels often forced himself on her.

However, contrasting these accusations with the perfect-couple images they both shared during their happy moments, social media users are taking the allegations with a pinch of salt.

“This is not good ,video irikuratidza kuti she knew that they were recording a video ,we have seen many tyms ma sex tape achibuda so a girl child akasaudzwa kuti zvaurikuitawo recording videoz willingly is wrong hatina kwatirikienda ,I do sympathise with the lady here BT also let’s admit that both of them are wrong kuita recording ,now coz a girl child is now over protected nyaya iyi yakutonzi rape ,thts not good ,ngatitsiurei vanhu vese not Kuda kuomesera one side ,what are we doing also to a boy child,” Facebook user Teo Lee said.

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“Remember the stunner and dyone saga but he was acquitted the courts cannot be fooled women must stop these silly games she is just looking for public sympathy she must learn to own up her actions rather than projecting,” added another user Qudar Kayze Muks.

Shashl accuses Levels of refusing to accept the reality that she no longer wishes to continue with their relationship and as a result has been retaliating by leaking their bedroom sessions which they recorded when it was all rosey.

While, on the other hand, Levels says he lost his phone over the weekend at a joint and it is the thief that has been releasing the explicit content.

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  • Huh this girl has to own up to wat she did they ain’t ro rape here on the leaked tape none was being forced to have sex

  • Yes that’s true let’s look both side not just accuse the male gender

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