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Solar Piped Boreholes to Empower Buhera Villagers in Combating Climate Change and Enhancing Food Security

Villagers in Buhera district under the guidance of Chief Makumbe are set to benefit from the installation of solar piped boreholes in an initiative aimed at addressing the adverse effects of climate change and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

The visionary project which will be administered by local water and sanitation advocacy group Community Water Alliance (CWA) aims to provide clean and reliable water sources while ensuring food security within the community.

Speaking during a water expo held in Gaura village recently, CWA communications and advocacy manager Sharon Kaseke said the exhibition was aimed at showcasing the latest technologies related to water scarcity and conservation.

“Buhera is one of the areas that experience serious droughts therefore the Expo aimed to raise awareness about the importance of using water efficiently and addressing the water scarcity which is a growing concern.  As an organisation we intend to bring about the policy makers, experts and development partners to establish water piped schemes in rural areas to deal with water shortages which have been affecting the livelihoods of communities,” said Kaseke

Mrs. Chipo Ganye, a community health worker in Buhera, expressed her excitement about the upcoming project.

“For years, we have struggled to secure water for our crops and livestock. With the introduction of solar piped boreholes, we can now be assured of a consistent water supply. This will undoubtedly boost our health and sanitation, agricultural activities and provide a brighter future for our families,” Ganye said.

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Village head Gaura commended the collaborative efforts and stressed the significance of the project for the community’s sustainable development.

“We want to thank CWA for this noble idea and implementing the solar piped boreholes demonstrates the power of collective action and innovation. By addressing water scarcity and promoting climate-resilient agriculture, we are not only securing our present needs but also safeguarding the future of our children and generations to come,” he declared.

Through the project, a series of boreholes will be equipped with solar-powered pumps and connected via a piped network to provide a sustainable water supply system for the villagers.

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