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Stop Dividing People: Jah Prayzah Tells Chin’ono

Contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah (33) has hit at popular journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono for allegedly pursuing divisive tendencies that do not foster nation building in a social media altercation between the two prominent figures early today.

This follows a social media post by Chino’no which was somewhat construable to an attack on Jah Prayzah’s persona by implying that the Kutonga-Kwaro singer is linked to the current regime.

In his post, Chin’ono condemned Jah Prayzah and Sandra Ndebele’s music which he described as condoning the alleged dictatorship in the current administration.

“JP and Sandra’s music ululates the dictatorship with Kutonga-Kwaro being seen as a sound track to Mnangagwa’s evil rule by the critical thinking citizens!” Chin’ono wrote.

He added, “For now Jah Prayzah can count on those fans who are not politically conscious, who don’t care whether he sings for Mnangagwa or not. And they are many, but he must look at what happened to Andy Brown and Tambaoga. Ultimately, the citizen does make you pay for your choices.”

Responding to this attack, Jah Prayzah quizzed the motive behind Chin’ono’s post especially when considering that the latter has access to stir up the conversation with him in private space.


“What’s sad mukoma Hopewell is that you have my personal number. You know the door to my office and studio, you have been there before. I do not remember receiving your call if you were too concerned kuti munin’ina do you really sing politics. Chimbondiudzawo kuti how do you come up with your songs and anorevei. Never a single day, asi nguva yekundipa advice pa twitter for loves and retweets munayo zvekuti,” the crooner wrote.

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He concluded urging Chin’ono to pursue other means that do not divide the people if he seeks to share advice in future.

“I decline to participate in this thread asi dai Mwari akubatsirai, kuti pamunonzwa moyo kutsva nekuda kubatsira motora matanho amunoziva kuti haapatsanure vanhu. Have a blessed day,” wrote Jah Prayzah.

Political affiliation is a highly emotive topic in Zimbabwe’s polarized society and as such, most artists have often taken a step back when it comes to engaging in public political debates.

Jah Prayzah (born Mukudzeyi Mukombe) had since hinted on the reason for his silence during the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter social media movement, a campaign against human rights abuses which made waves online.

His muteness had not quite sat well with social media users who interpreted this silence for solidarity with the ‘oppressors’.



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