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Thinking Global Will Rebuild Brand Zimbabwe

Thinking and living global is the gap between us and the first world country brands that we however consume at the expense of our treasury.

Imagine that we consume what we don’t produce and the foreign producers earn from our weakness. I always say that the Orientals and the Caucasians have built and created so many things to the extent that us in Africa we have become complacent not to create but follow what is already there.

Imagine how industrious the ancient Egyptians where and there is stark contrast with modern day Africa, it remains unbelievable. What if we as Zimbabweans we become Global Citizens in the sense that whatever we say, do and create is globally acceptable and bought into. Already Zimbabweans are global citizens in the sense of consumption but not production. Branding Zimbabwe needs the Global Thinking stance, and this is something I am encouraging every Zimbabwean.

For our nation brand Zimbabwe to become greater, we must now start to look at things from a Global Citizen Perspective. According to Oxfam Education, a Global Citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world, and their place in it. They take an active role in their community, and work with others to make it more equal, fair and sustainable.

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The me approach defies the global approach and that is what most of our citizens are on, instead of the we approach. One of my favorite mentors, Napoleon Hill in his Think and Grow rich lectures, he stated that no man built anything alone, but was part of what we call a mastermind alliance. He goes on to refer to many stories of great Americans who forged alliances in order to build what we know as the industrious America.

John Maxwell my leading mentor on leadership always says that ‘’ as the Challenge escalates, the need for team work elevates ‘’. He goes on to refer to the Law of the Mount Everest that’’ no man has ever climbed Mount Everest Alone, but through a team ‘’. Zimbabweans must collaborate to champion the odds, and when I say Zimbabweans I mean all of us, as there is no Zanu Pf Zimbabwe, or MDC Zimbabwe , but one Zimbabwe.

When I used to use international beauty pageants as tools for Nation Branding, it was eye opening not just on exposure but possibility of globalization. I become a Global Citizen the day I decided to create a program that incorporates the whole world, my product was Zimbabwean built but exported to the global market through the concept of franchising. That possibility of connecting with the world taught me that it’s possible that Zimbabweans can create anything that can be world class and place it on the global market.

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The Global Market is very competitive and is not a place for primitive thinking, as country brands compete on different shelves, each offering unique products and services.  Those products and services where created by citizens who think Global and not Local. The local approach diminishes ingenuity of prolific products and services, as one creates things according to the audience. I always say never perform based on your audience, you never know who is in that audience and that person may change the trajectory of your life.  Think Global by becoming world class and surely our Great Nation will dominate the markets with its products…

Tare Munzara is a Country Branding Expert and the CEO for Destination Marketing International & City Branding Organization  Nation Brand With Tare Munzara is  every Thursday .For Feedback please do contact Email  on ceo@destinationmarketinginternational.co.zw   or taremunzara@citybrandingsummit.co.zw    . Phone: 0774 817 440

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