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Tocky Vibes’ Chamakuvangu Launch On Tomorrow

Rugare born and bred Zimdancehall sensation, Obey “Tocky Vibes” Makamure will be releasing his fourth album titled Chamakuvangu tomorrow.

Speaking to 263Chat ahead of the launch, the Mhai hit-maker said the 22 track will be different from his previous works, emphasizing on its simplicity and easy to swallow nature.

“My previous albums were like undiluted Mazoe Orange Crush. People had to find explanations so as to understand the contents of the songs.


“But, this time around it’s an already diluted delivery, very simple, easy to understand songs,” said the 24 year old.

Speaking on the whether he is not overwhelming his fans by releasing a 22 tracks at once, Tocky said, “Because this album contains easily digestible songs I felt that 20 simple songs would not be hard for people to listen, after all, how many songs do people listen to per day – so many.”

The album has one collaboration with legendary musician Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi on a song titled Sambotya.

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