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Trio In Court For US$70K Fraud

Three employees with Zimavian Private Limited company have been brought before the court to answer charges of fraud allegations in which US$70 641-35 was involved.

The complainant in this matter is Zimavian Private Limited being represented by its Finance Manager Itayi Chizanga.

The accused are Lucas Edison (31), who is employed as a Sales and Marketing Manager, Nyasha Dhliwayo (34) employed as an Administrator and Accountant whilst  Anesu Muvingi is an Accountant who offered installation of the quick box the system the complainant is using.

It is believed that Edison’s duties included, among other things,  receiving cash from customers and issuance of invoices, Dhliwayo was responsible for overseeing the flow of cash, financial instruments and managing budgets among other duties and Muvingi was engaged in system installation and internal auditor.

During the period extending from 2017 to 2018, the trio acting in common purpose, hatched a plan to steal from the complainant.

In pursuant to their plans, the accused received payments from Zimavian Private Limited customers, issued out invoices as confirmation of sale and went on to delete the information from the computer purporting that no transaction had been done.

They took the money which had been paid towards the chicks and shared it amongst themselves. Statements of witnesses confirming the deleted transactions were recorded.

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The complainant discovered the offence and alerted the Police. Investigations were done leading to the recovery of copies of deleted invoices and documents from the production departments showing the number of chicks hatched and those sold.

Due to the accused’s actions, the complainant suffered an actual prejudice of 108 679 chicks valued at US$70 641-35 and nothing was recovered.

Bail hearing for accused persons is still before Harare magistrate Yeukai Nzuda.

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