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Tsvangirai Memorial Date Set

The late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s memorial service has been set for the 14th of February 2019 at his rural home in Humanikwa village, Buhera.

Tsvangirai died of colon cancer in February this year and was buried next to his late wife Suzan in Buhera.

Addressing the media at the Tsvangirai home in Strathaven, Harare, the family said preparations were underway with the provisional date for the memorial service being the 14th of February 2019.

“The Tsvangirai family wishes to announce that preparations are underway for the memorial service of the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe and President of the MDC

“The provisional plan is to hold the memorial on the anniversary of his death 14th February, 2019.  Once the plan has been finalised, it shall be announced to the public by the family spokesperson Manasa Tsvangirai,” said.

Tsvangirai once served as Prime Minister in a government of national unity with former President Robert Mugabe.

Meanwhile, the Tsvangirai family ruled out bad blood with the former premier’s widow Elizabeth Macheka although she was conspicuous by her absence on such an important family event.

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