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UK Based Artist Looks Invade Zimbabwean Market

United Kingdom-based hip-hop singer Gerrard Gukuyu affectionately known as Gerrvd is looking to storm the local market with his debut album, Energy, released earlier this month.

Speaking to 263Chat, the 21-year-old said the album highlights how important it is for one to associate with positive influence and energy in order to achieve big.

“This album came out as a result of positive energy that has been around me for a while now. I am in the right head space to make music and I have the right energy and aura around me hence the title track Energy.

“In this album, I will be looking to emphasize how much it is of paramount importance for one to be associated with good vibes in order to prosper,” he said.

The album has 13 tracks and Gerrvd mixed and mastered 10 of the songs.

Gerrvd started the  music journey in 2016, his first extended play record Blank Disk premiered in 2017.

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