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WestProp To Turn Greenwood Park Into A Lifestyle Theme Park

WESTPROP Holdings is turning the Greenwood Park into a lifestyle theme park helping to complete the live, work, shop and play environment for the communities living around the park.

There is a nearby shopping centre – Five Avenue Mall, office and residential buildings around the park.

CEO Mr Ken Sharpe said he was replicating the model that is now synonymous with all WestProp developments to Greenwood Park to provide residents in the avenues a recreation facility.

“We prioritise the safety of the residents and park patrons. We are responding to community needs. The community has requested lighting and we are installing five solar lights,” he said

Mr Sharpe who led a team from WestProp in participating in the National Clean-Up campaign that falls on the first Friday of each month was happy with the revamp of the children’s play centre whose facilities had completely broken down.

“Children are at the hearty of what we do. We realise they are children today but our leaders tomorrow. A better future for any child is shaped from infancy through the growth stages. We are playing our part. Just yesterday we handed some educational books to Bromley Primary School. We have paid fees to hundreds of children this year,” he said emphasizing the company’s human capacity development thrust.

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The park is now resourced with 14 friend benches up from seven last month. More are expected to decorate the huge park that will soon rank as the most user friendly multi use park owing to WestProp.

The company dedicates 10 percent of its profits to corporate social responsibility activities that include care for children, widows, cancer patients and lately rehabilitation of community facilities such as the Greenwood Park.

The decision to rehabilitate Greenwood followed a visit to the park last year during which time he noticed that the park was losing its beauty and appeal.

WestProp believes that once the park is beautified it will rekindle memories and help attract tourists to Harare. The park is adorned by the beautiful jacaranda trees which always come to life when they bloom purple from September to end of October.

“This is part of our giving back to the Harare community in which our business operates,” said Mr Sharpe.

WestProp are the developers of premium luxury lifestyle mixed use estates that include Pomona City, Millennium Park that encompasses Pokugara, Millennium Heights and the soon to come to shape Mall of Zimbabwe.

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