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Women urged to form tribe-specific associations

WOMEN have been urged to form tribe-specific  associations so as to address problem specific issues that affect women belonging to different tribes.

Some women have expressed concern over how their problems as women belonging to particular tribes have been to some extent generalised and feel that problems specific to their tribes and cultures have been somewhat ignored and kept aside.

“We as women of tribe feel that we are not being represented in some of these associations. Not that they are bad, but we just feel that our interests are not being addressed and wholly.” said one woman who refused to be named.            

In an interview, Professor Hope Sadza, Founder and Vice Chancellor of the Women’s University in Africa, noted that this was a way in which women could learn and share ideas from each other.

“I support that, if women in Binga have their own culture and association, we cant say stop it, but they should not neglect to meet together with other women.

“There are some good things that we can learn from women in Binga, and good things we can learn from the Shona and the Ndebele women. We should look at the good things that do not stop us from, progressing, and copy that.” She said.

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Speaking along the same lines MP For Harare West Jessie Majome noted that it was important for women to associate freely even in their tribal groupings.

“Zimbabweans have the freedom to assemble and associate as they wish, if women feel that they can address their issues from tribal groupings, they are free to do that.

“However,  l do think that when they do so, they must keep their eyes open so that they don’t confine themselves to the only to those particular associations, so that they don’t get marginalised to the exclusions of other associations and if they find it beneficial for them to so,  then by all means”

However, in an interview, Provincial Development officer in the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Vaidah Mashangwa said that such associations would divide the country.

“We cannot have that unless it has to do with developmental issues. For example, if its natural resources found in particular say in Bulawayo, women can have groupings if a natural resource is found in that area. Development should not be along tribal lines.

“Unless they group according to certain developmental activities that they do, we cannot have women who have their own activities according to tribal lines, that would divide the country and we cannot talk of associations along tribal lines.” She said.

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