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2019 Budget, Zimbabweans Stalk Mthuli Ncube

With the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Professor Mthuli Ncube expected to present the 2019 national budget in parliament tomorrow, 263Chat has solicited views from a cross section of Zimbabweans who indicated what they expect from government, including cutting down on budget deficit and funding of key sectors including agriculture.

Renowned businessmen and clergy, Dr Shingi Munyeza said as part of the business community , they are expecting government to cut down  budget deficit to below 7%.

“My expectations are that Government significantly reduce budget deficit to below 7% and they should announces the road map resolving both our foreign and domestic debt.

“We expect to get incentives for exporters and import substitution robust framework for the informal sector to make them sustainable and contribute economic growth and the fiscus.

“We also expect Plan to have all Government departments on ICT platforms which will significantly improve ease of doing business and shut out corruption,” he said.

Responding to Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube’s Twitter messages, a number of Zimbabwe highlighted what they are expecting from the national budget including strong measures to stabilise the economy.

“Please tell us official places to get foreign currency because if you say black market is illegal, where do we get the foreign currency to travel to other countries. You know very well that the bond is recognised locally only.

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“Cut salary and perks for MPs, being an MP must not be a job but service; prioritise health and meet the Abuja Declaration 15% threshold or at least top SADC region; Go the Biti way of eating what you kill and reign ZIMRA.

“Hope that all these MPs are going to allow you to cut off all casinoluck.ca their perks that they have been receiving for years. They will have to live within their means and stop expecting us to pay for all their luxuries. Stop the free ride,”said Kubatana.

Karanga Princess said, “2% tax must go. Defence MUST NOT get the highest amount of money. We do not have a war so why does the Ministry of Defence get a bigger budget than health or education. It’s sickening. Bank charges are ridiculous! BOND NOTE MUST GO,”.

Speaking to 263Chat ,CEO Africa Round table Chief Executive Officer, Kipson Gundani said they are expecting the Minister to deal with funding of agricultural produce for the benefit of the private sector.

“We are expecting the Minister to come out strong on how he is going to deal with the domestic debt primarily and we also expect him to come out strong in addressing matters surrounding agriculture because there is no reason why the country should import food from other countries.

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“We need him to address issues to do with agriculture both in terms of production and marketing and he should also provide leadership agriculture so that we begin to have functional agriculture in Zimbabwe.

“We are expecting him to cut significantly on matters to do with command agriculture and also control the funding of agricultural produce such that it will benefit private players who wants to venture into agriculture,” he said.

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