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Accelerator Labs To Tackle Threats To Employment

The United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) yesterday launched an Accelerator laboratory meant to trace and analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on unemployment in the country.

Speaking during the launch, Head of the Solution Mapping for the Accelarator Lab team in Zimbabwe, Sharleen Mabisa Moyo said the labs were critical in bringing to the fore solutions to the problems in Zimbabwe communities.
“Many of these challenges are growing exponentially. The speed, dynamics and complexity of today’s social, economic and environmental problems are fundamentally different from previous eras in history,” said Moyo.
“The Accelerator Labs are UNDP’s new way of working in development. Together with our core partners,  we have 60 labs serving 78 countries working together with national and global partners to find radically new approaches that fit the complexity of current development challenges, “she added.
Italian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Enrico De Agostino said Italy was hoping to take lessons from the lab.
“We hope to learn more from this country.  We are going to exhibit some of our potraits that back date from 1900. We also want to learn more about your jazz music because we noticed its different from our own jazz, ” Agostino said.
According to Solution Mapping for the Accelarator Lab team in Zimbabwe, the labs will transform Zimbabwe’s collective approach by introducing new services, backed by evidence and practice while accelerating the testing and dissemination of solutions within and across countries.
The Labs will also analyze challenges within local contexts, identify connections and patterns while looking for new avenues of work towards addressing development challenges.
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