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Air Zim Resumes Domestic Flights

The national airline, Air Zimbabwe, Wednesday took to the skies for the first time in more than a year and a half due to operating constraints as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To mark its return to the skies, Air Zim released the new Embraer (ERJ145) aircraft which was acquired by the government to expand and balance the airline’s fleet. The aircraft flew from Harare to Victoria Falls via Bulawayo,

Air Zim, like most airlines around the world, halted operations at the height of the pandemic.

Air Zimbabwe spokesperson Firstme Vitori said that the Embraer aircraft will ply the Harare-Bulawayo-Victoria Falls route four times a week.

The Embraer services short to medium range distances which is efficient unlike in the past when the airline used long-boarded aircraft to service short-range domestic routes.

“We are deploying the Embraer (ERJ145) whose capacity is best suited for this route as we begin to rebuild a feeder into the regional network,” she said.

“The resumption of domestic flights is expected to bring convenience to the business community and a boost to the tourism sector,” she said.

Air Zimbabwe had initially planned to resume additional flights, operated by the ERJ145 and B737-200, from March 28, but the plan did not work out

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