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Be Humble And Listen, Chamisa Tells ED

Opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has told President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be ‘humble’ and be ready to listen to the plight of economically impoverished citizens.

This follows remarks by Mnangagwa at the closing ceremony of the Bi-National meeting when he equated the opposition supremo with satan who always troubled God.

“We will not be swayed by negative forces because even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order; he had Satan. These things happen. He still remains there,” Mnangagwa said.

Writing on Twitter today, Chamisa pleaded with Mnangagwa to abide by smart diplomacy and implement political reforms as a precedence a move he said will see sanctions being lifted.

“I’m urging ED to listen and be humble enough to address the causes of any dispute with any country in this world. You don’t restore and normalize relations through sloganeering, rhetoric, demand and peer petitions but through dialogue, action, political reforms and smart diplomacy.

“With rigging of elections and state sanctioned violence in place, imagine lives lost due to human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, unconstitutional and unlawful use of state institutions. Sanctions must go and it begins with the causes,” he wrote.


Chamisa further torn into Mnangagwa’s administration charging that the country has been thrown into crisis because of leadership deficit.

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“Zimbabwe is what it is on account of oversleeping by those in leadership. The world is awake 24/7 not the 8am to 4pm business mindset. It can’t be business as usual. It must be business unusual!.”

Meanwhile, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi jumped in defense of President Mnangagwa saying his boss was misunderstood.

“Some slow learners struggled to understand what President ED Mnangagwa meant when he said even God could not keep his house in order he had Satan. That wasn’t blasphemous he simply meant that we as a country are not amused by efforts of detractors to derail our progress,” Mutodi wrote on his micro blog Twitter today.

The anti-sanctions voice has lately been growing louder by the day with the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who was in the country  yesterday on Bi-National Commission meeting  adding his voice in calling for the United States of America and the European Union to lift sanctions the opposition and the the western world argued the onus is upon President Mnangagwa to  first observe human rights and implementing political reforms as a prerequisite.

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