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Who Is The Best Styled Celebrity in 2017


Men’s style has always been influenced by 7 principles which include  fitting, color coordination, trendiness, accessorizing, detailing, individuality and layering. Today’s focus will be on assessing, criticizing and giving merit  to some of  Zimbabwe’s celebrity men style that we’ve witnessed so far this year (January-August 2017) on those mentioned standards or principles of men’s style.

BY Lemuel Rangarira Chekai

The categories are as follows:


Mathias Mhere

Fitting: The trousers and the shirt fitting well but the jacket is a bit small as evidenced by shirt sleeves that are sticking out of the jacket sleeves too much (rating 3/5 )www.263chat.com

Color coordination:  Quite a fine play with the colors however there’s need for a dull color to act  as a neutralizing agent.Also wrong choice of color on the lapel pin  something dull would do (rating 3.5/5 )

Accessorizing: Very few accessories , adding a watch and a pocket square to that outfit at least could have added a little more sauce (rating 2/5 )

Detailing: Several details missing ,he could have done more and better on that outfit especially accessory wise (rating 2/5 )

Trendiness: He’s just okay  not really ahead with the trend and not really backward.He’s just okay,somewhere in the middle (rating 3/)

Individuality: He did a very poor job representing himself  as one of the country’s top gospel artist with that outfit.He could do better (rating ²/5 )

Minister Michael Mahendere

Fitting: Super nice  fit and right on point . However on trousers length, yes it’s okay but that’s not the perfect length a little bit of raise would definitely make it exceptionally good (rating4.5/5 )


Michael Mahendereis a Zimbabwean pastor and musician. He was part of the group Pax Afro and gospel outfit Mahendere brothers before he pursued his solo career.

Color  coordination: Awesome coordination and great choice of shoes to go with the blue suit (rating 5/5)

Accessorizing: Nothing much to talk about on accessories but a lapel pin and a watch would really have added a little more sauce (rating 3.5/5)

Detailing: Not much of details there , it’s quite a basic outfit (rating 3/5)

Trendiness: Quite a trendy look though quite basic , but good (rating 4/5)

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Individuality: Not really on point but did a pretty great job to represent himself as a top gospel artist (rating 4/5)

Mudiwa Hood

Fitting: Exceptional fit and right on point. Shirt sleeves sticking out just right and perfect blazer and trousers lengths (rating 5/5)

Color coordination: Perfect color choices and coordination there don’t seem to be anything wrong on that outfit ?? (rating 5/5)


Mudiwa Hoodreal name Mudiwa Mtandwa is a sensational Zimbabwean gospel Hip Hop artist who rose to fame with his hit songs such as ‘Ndaita mari’and ‘Anhu acho tisu’

Accessorizing: Pretty awesome work with accessories and great idea too to leave out a pocket square and go for the lapel pin only (rating 5/5)

Detailing: Every piece of detail represented and  there’s nothing on that look that i feel may need to be added or subtracted (rating 5/5)

Trendiness: Definitely ahead and moving with the trend (rating 5/5)

Individuality: With that awesome look,yes!!!! He’d be very easy to identify from the masses and great work representing himself as a top hip-hop gospel artist too (rating 5/5)


Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Perfect fit maybe a bit biased because  he’s sitting but from what it looks like, he nailed the fit (rating 5/5)

Color coordination: Well coordinated colors and an interesting choice of socks to go with (rating 5/5)


Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa real name Shingirai Chirume founder of United Family International Church.He’s also a business man rumoured to have purchased a 1.3million mansion in Sandton, South Africa.

Accessorizing: The watch alone seems enough. For me  that outfit as complete as it looks right there. It’s rather  clever of him to leave out plenty accessories and go with the watch alone (rating 5/5)

Detailing: All the details represented there , The outfit looks complete complete (rating 5/5)

Trendiness: Trend wise  he’s okay doing just fine (rating 4.5/5)

Individuality: He represented himself quite brilliantly and yes! Very interesting outfit and choice of the suit (rating 5/5)

Prophet Passion Java

Fitting: Brilliant fit and well on point.Shirt sleeves sticking out just right (rating 5/5)


Color coordination: Basic traditional choice of color, looking really good  though it lacks art and creativity(color wise). Throwing in a different color probably with the tie and then a white pocket square would really lighten it up (rating ⁴/5)

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Prophet Passion Java founder of Java Ministries. Leads a flamboyant lifestyle at one point was alleged to have spent half a million US in one shopping spree

Accessorizing: Great work with accessories really good job. The rings most specifically truly lit it up (rating 5/5)

Detailing: Well detailed outfit on a casual tip. Throwing in some metals was the signature right there (rating 5/5)

Trendiness: Trendy look and details. He’s doing okay trend wise but he seems afraid of color judging from that outfit (rating 4/5)

Individuality: For me he didn’t do well. He really didn’t quite do some justice representing himself as a very popular prophet (no rating comment below to rate)

Prophet Walter Magaya

Fitting: Perfect perfect!! Right proportion to his body size and length (rating 5/5)

Color coordination: Awesome choice and coordination of colors as we see again that great combination between blue and maroon/red (rating 5/5)


Prophet Walter Magaya founder of Prophetic Healing Deliverance PHD Ministries. He rose to prominence in 2012 after his visit to TB Joshua of SCOAN who is believe.

Accessorizing: Fairly good job, matching his watch with the shoes . However wrong choice of belt color (black). Remember you should always match your belt with the shoes (rating 3/5)

Detailing: Looking a bit plain ,several details missing e.g pocket square. A great outfit that is could have gotten a more edgier look with more detailing (rating 2.5/5)

Trendiness: Trendy suit but poor style (rating 3/5)

Individuality: Just okay nothing spectacular (rating 3/5)


Jah Prayzah

Fitting: Exceptional fit!! Flawless!! (rating 5/5)

Color coordination: On point ???( rating 5/5)


Jah Prayzah real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe is a Zimbabwean contemporary artist who’s written the history books as the first Zimbabwean musician to win the MTV African Awards.

Accessorizing: Nailed it!! and also he took note of the rules for metals in fashion (i.e match your metal. Balancing rings across both hands ) (rating 5/5)

Detailing: All details represented there’s nothing I’d want to add nor subtract on that outfit (rating 5/5)

Trendiness: Right ahead with trend definitely moving with time (rating 5/5)

Individuality: Good Job representing himself as the country’s top artist ,he did justice (rating 5/5)


Fitting: Good fit and right proportion to his body (rating 5/5)

Color coordination: Great color balance (rating 5/5)www.263chat.com

Accessorizing: Nothing spectacular or to really talk about accessory wise (rating 2.5/5)

Detailing: Looking a bit basic , more accessories could upgrade the look (rating 3/5)

Trendiness: Just fine and doing okay (rating 4/5)

Individuality: Representing himself well ( rating 5/5)


Fitting: The jersey is too big (rating 3/5)

Color coordination: Great color choices and coordinating (rating 5/5)


Stunner real name Desmond Chideme is a Zim hiphop artist.Besides music Stunner also happens to be a qualified auto mechanic and is also into cutting and design

Accessorizing: Perfect job , he really did well with accessories and matching them too (rating5/5)

Detailing: Quite a well detailed outfit, nothing missing (rating 5/5)

Trendiness: Absolutely trendy rating (rating 5/5)

Individuality: (comment and rate below in the comment section)

Note : Focus was on smart casual and business attires

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