Nothing Special About Zodwa: Bev

Controversial dancer Beverly Sibanda on Friday blasted the South African socialite and entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu saying she is not special to deserve a wild outcry that followed her ban from performing at this year’s Harare International Carnival.

Zodwa who was supposed to share the stage with Bev, Zoey Sifelani and the Brazilian Samba girls at the carnival was barred following a petition by former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira to the government of Zimbabwe.

Bev came on stage at around midnight after Samba girls and did not waste before blasting and mocking Zodwa who she said had nothing unique to deserve all the attention she was getting.

“(Zodwa chii chacho) Zodwa wabantu what, Bev Wabantu, I am shocked by you Zimbabweans because you have your own ladies who can do what Zodwa can do.

“You want Zodwa to come all the way from South Africa but we have our own in here (Zodwa chii chacho) Zodwa what.

“(Ndovadyira bonzo nekuonda) lets appreciate our own ladies and lets support them. You have seen me I can also dance like those Samba girls and you might think that I am from Brazil,” said Bev.

Despite Bev’s rants against Zodwa, most men who attended the Samba night said they wanted the South African entertainer to come for the carnival.

The Samba night also saw a new dancing queen in the Bindura based dancer Chocolate who wowed fans with her energetic dances.