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Getting To Know Miss Heritage Global Founder, Ronald Tisauke

South Africa, Johannesburg, 14 July 2022– Miss Heritage Global has been buzzing in South Africa since its press launch that took place in June 2022 at Limpopo, South Africa. Known for its diversity and empowering women to make a difference in their communities, Miss Heritage Global continues to be an inspiration for people to embrace their heritage whilst transforming global communities.

Ronald Tisauke, founder and international relations manager of Miss Heritage Global, was born in a small town called Mutoko in Zimbabwe and later moved to the capital city Harare. With a creative background in marketing, Ronald entered the world of fashion and modeling where he then took an interest in modeling himself. However, he quickly realized that the modeling industry was not for him and started a modeling academy in Harare, in 2001.

“It didn’t take me long to realize that modeling is not for me, but the passion was still there, which led me to delve into the modeling industry”

It is through his work within the modeling industry that Ronald was exposed to larger pageantry platforms such as Miss Harare and Miss Zimbabwe to name a few. Driven by his passion for community development, Ronald was involved in humanitarian projects that focused on hygiene and personal care with the then Minister of Tourism Dr. Francis Nhema.

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Ronald was fortunate enough to travel the globe and quickly realized that the world is his oyster. This sparked his interest further in all things cultural and heritage, which then led him to come up with Miss Heritage Global, during his trip at the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

“Victoria Falls, a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty is a heritage site as it is so rich in culture and is recognized as a heritage site by the UNESCO Heritage Centre. I then thought to myself why not have a pageant that is centered on one’s heritage and culture, showcasing what makes us who we are and also being educated on other people’s culture and heritage”

Miss Heritage Global was conceptualized in 2012 but the first pageant was held in 2013 in Harare, Zimbabwe. For Ronald, founding Miss Heritage Global has been an educational journey as it has given Ronald a life learning experience whilst allowing his pageant to expose the world to what Africa is, a mother continent, making the pageant unique.

“We are hoping and aiming to be a tool for sustainable development within the tourism and arts industry. It is all about celebrating unity and we believe in embracing everyone’s unique and distinct heritage, which comes about because of where we are from. Miss Heritage global is the first international pageant that started in Africa. We hoping through fashion shows during our pageantries we can provide cultural exchange and foster social cohesion internationally as we are one of the few international pageants that are diverse in the sense that it strictly focuses on culture and heritage”.

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Ronald along with his colleagues is currently organizing another Miss Heritage Global 2022 that is to be held on 24 September 2022 in Limpopo, South Africa.  He believes that Limpopo is well known for its tranquillity lying to the very north of the country; it is also famous for its waterfalls, trout-filled rivers, forests, and wildlife.

The pageant will see contestants from other parts of the world such as the USA, Hungary, China, and Cote d’Ivoire, to name a few. Contestants can look forward to empowerment and sisterhood throughout the competition.

“More than anything, we want the contestants to develop a long-lasting relationship with each other, share and exchange heritage and culture, and take these lessons back home”.

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