‘Ginimbi Dumps Sir Wicknell’

Controversial businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure reportedly dumped and sold out his colleague, Wicknell Chivayo following a botched deal in which they had connived to swindle Chegutu East legislator Dexter Nduna of over US$65 000.

Nduna told Harare magistrates court that following his arrest, Ginimbi called him to clear his name while nailing his accomplice Chivhayo.

“Ginimbi called me personally on my mobile phone and said that he did not take my money. He admitted that he took other people’s money but not mine. He said the person who took my money was Chivhayo,” said Nduna while in the stand.

Ginimbi’s lawyer, Jonathan Samukange crushed Nduna questioning why did not make a police report or recorded the incident in question.

“Did you tell the police about what you are saying right now, did you also make a transcript from econet of the alleged call you are talking about?”  asked Mr Samukange to Nduna who failed to give answers to the questions.

The matter was rolled over to 18 October for trial continuation after the state made an application to bring a crucial witness from South Africa.