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Lack Of ‘Passion’ In Java’s ‘Free For All’ Gig

With the biting economy hitting hard on the country,  a ‘free for all’ entrance gig complemented by free braai packs would have ideally lured multitudes to Prophet Passion Java’s birthday celebrations at Alexandra Sports Club on Saturday.

However, it was not going to be the case as scenes at the venue were evident of bigger empty space than occupied to mark the cleric’s first flop and a blow to his budding music promotion career.

The scenario, however, did not deter proceedings as the Chillspot family came out guns blazing with Enzo Ishall, Bazooka, and Hwinza headlining the spectacle.

263Chat caught up with the cleric on the sidelines of the event where he highlighted  his desire to continue working hand in glove with secular artists despite a section of social media users taking a swipe at his lifestyle.

“Jesus was found everywhere because he was sent to preach to everybody. You cannot be found only in church because the people you need in the church are in the world. How can you get them to where you are if you are not where they are, you have to be wise like a snake and be gentle like a dove in order to win souls for Christ,” he said.

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He added that times have changed hence the need for a different approach to winning souls.

“The first miracle Jesus performed was changing water into wine so that he could attract drunkards and preach to them. People need to understand that times are changing, we used to hold crusades with tents outside but things have changed and people have to follow the season,” said Prophet Passion.

Meanwhile, Prophet Passion says he has budgeted US$320 000 for his month-long birthday celebrations across three continents.

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