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Zimbabwean Legends To Headline UK Music Festival

Leonard Mapfumo, Ngoni Kambarami, and Edith WeUtonga will headline the Arts Convergence Fest, a 15-day festival celebrating Zimbabwean culture in the UK.

The festival will take place in different venues across London and Surrey from July 1 to 15, and will feature a variety of events, including music, dance, film, comedy, and art exhibitions.

Mapfumo, Kambarami, and WeUtonga are all legendary Zimbabwean musicians who have been entertaining audiences for decades. While Mapfumo and Kambarami are known for their critical role in establishing the urban groove genre, WeUtonga is an Afro-jazz powerhouse.

The festival will also feature a number of other up-and-coming Zimbabwean artists, as well as workshops and seminars on how to promote Zimbabwean culture on foreign platforms.

“We are excited to bring together some of the best Zimbabwean talent for this festival,” said festival producer Rufaro Kaseke. “We want to show the world that there is a lot of creativity and talent coming out of Zimbabwe.”

Tickets for the festival are on sale now.

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