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Man in court for stealing two maize cobs


A Harare man was dragged to court after stealing two maize cobs from Southern Roses farm in Hatcliffe.

Tendai Nyamutambe, 37, stood before Harare magistrate court yesterday after  stealing two maize cobs.

The court heard that on 2 March 2016 at around 0900hrs, Nyamutambe was caught red handed with two green maize cobs.

Nyamutambe is said to have stole the two cobs whilst carrying his daily duties at the farm.

The accused however  did not deny the charges laid against him.

Upon mitigation, Nyamutambe pleaded for forgiveness.

Magistrate Mazhande found Nyamutambe  guilty but let him walk free  since he (the  accused) did not waste the court’s time.

“You are charged guilty but I will take into consideration that you did not waste the court’s time and this is your first offence, “said magistrate Mazhande

Magistrate Mazhande also said she could not charge Nyamutsambe as he had already lost his job for stealing two maize cobs.

Nyamutsambe who lost his job after stealing two maize cobs had served at Southern Roses farm for 10 years.

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