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‘Matanga’ Dragged to Court For Fraud

A Harare woman claiming to be Police Commissioner Godwin Matanga’s wife has been hauled before Harare Magistrate Denis Mangosi facing fraud charges.

According to the state, Evelyne Matanga misrepresented herself as a legal practitioner to an accused person before stealing US$2 935 from her.

Circumstances are that sometimes in October 2021 in the Central Business District (CBD) of Harare, the complainant was introduced by her daughter to Matanga as a legal practitioner who could help them on their residential stand in Damofalls.

It is said that Matanga met the complainant in town and she introduced herself as a legal practitioner who could assist her.

Matanga then asked for US$2 800 for site plan, plan, cavets, cavet fee, deeds and several amounts for the stand in question.

After receiving the money, Matanga brought a forged receipt from the department of the surveyor general of which she paid ZWL$25 and forged it to US$ 350.


The complainant became suspicious after receiving forged receipts and asked to meet Matanga in town.

Matanga became evasive and never responded to her calls.

The complainant used another witness, Trish Gwatidzo to lure her like someone who was also in need of her services .

Matanga came to meet Gwatidzo in town and a report was then made to the police resulting in the arrest of Matanga.

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Total value of prejudice is US$2 935 and nothing was recovered.

Matanga was denied bail and remanded in custody.

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