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MDC-Alliance Vows To Reposess Harvest House


Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance (MDC-A) has vowed to regain control of Morgan Tsvangirai House, formerly Harvest House, allegedly “seized”  by the Thokhozani Khupe-led MDC with the aid from security forces last night.

In a statement issued by the newly appointed  MDC-A national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, the Nelson Chamisa-led faction castigated the involvement of armed forces in handling their party squabbles while maintaining that they will not handover the party headquarters to Khupe’s faction.

“The MDC-Alliance maintains its rightful position as the occupants of Harvest House and will not allow such underhanded and patently unlawful seizure of its property.

“The use of the armed forces to settle personal squabbles must be condemned in the strongest way possible by all pro-democratic forces. This illegal seizure of property in the dead of night puts to rest all falsehoods that the recent attacks on the MDC-Alliance have been driven by an interest in constitutionalism and democracy.

“In fact, the very nature of this violent act, lays bare the malicious and anti-freedom dynamics that are threatening the very fibre of our political landscape. Under what capacity have the armed forces been deployed to Harvest House and by what provision of law are they interfering with civilian matters?” reads the statement.

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The statement further asserts that MDC-A is already making moves to regain control, of the building.

“The attempt to take-over the assets of our political party will be resisted. We are in the process of taking steps to restore possession and control of the building.”

Meanwhile, Khupe faction’s Secretary-General, Douglas Monzwora has said the handover takeover process was conducted in a peaceful manner.

“The party wishes to advise that following the communication sent by the Acting President Dr. T. Khupe to Advocate N. Chamisa, the latter has today through party officials allowed for a peaceful handover takeover of control of the Morgan Tsvangirai House (Harvest House).

“We are grateful for this display of cooperation. Henceforth, all meetings will be held at Morgan Tsvangirai House.”

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