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Olinda, Tytan At It Again

Despite her recent vow to keep personal and domestic issues to herself, United Kingdom-based socialite Olinda Chapel has struck again in a recently uploaded live video in which she tears into her estranged husband and singer Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo.

The couple who share a daughter together, ended their year-old marriage in August 2019 with the Bho singer citing domestic abuse and a cocktail of unspecified events that occurred as the driving force to their breakdown.

Speaking on social media, Olinda lamented how Tytan dragged her to courts so that he could get access to see his daughter and how he now prefers night outs and parties over looking after their daughter Nandi.

“One minute you drag me to court saying you want to contact, Now you want to breach that order because you want to go out partying and leave a very young baby with strangers! Neglecting the same child.

“Nowadays children are getting abused and raped, what kind of a mother would I be to let leave my kid to strangers I do not even know. How do you risk your child over partying?” queried Olinda

In what looks like a subliminal response, Tytan took to Instagram sharing to his story habits of a person who is a gaslighter and coercive controller.

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