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Qounfuzed, Cindy Drop First Collaboration Of 2021

It’s a collaboration of two-generational voices between Qounfuzed and Cind,y combining years of experience to deliver their first-ever project together titled Mhosva.

Chronicling on a touchy subject of a disapproved relationship by friends, family, parents, and society — Mhosva tells a story of two lovers willing to fight for their chosen partners.

Drawn from both personal experiences and observations, Qounfuzed and Cindy sing for the right to love, fight for the right to love, and if Love is a crime (Mhosva) they are willing to do time for it!

“I’m so excited about this song, Qounfuzed sent me the track in 2020 but because of lockdown challenges I could not get access to a studio, but we have finally managed to record it,” said United States-based Cindy.

“The concept of the song really spoke to me because I strongly feel society plays a role in trying to determine people’s relationships, I felt we had to address the issue of society feeling entitled to interference,” she added.

Mhosva was inspired by real-life events as explained by Quonfuzed, it’s a situation of two lovebirds fighting for love, a war to keep their love alive.

“I wrote the song two years ago and approached Cindy in 2020 because she is one female vocalist I enjoy listening to and respect.

The track Mhosva is Qounfuzed’s third collaboration with a female artist and he is looking forward to seeing how well people will receive it.

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Qounfuzed who has switched his sound over the years has gained a lot of new fans due to his unique style and songwriting skills.

Mhosva is a love song with a difference because I get to sing more than I usually do and for me, it’s a dream to vocally ‘square up’ with Cindy,” added Qounfuzed.

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