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Reactions To Vimbai Zimuto’s Unveiling of Male Producer

Vimbai Zimuto’s unveiling of her video director, Simba Gee set social media ablaze with her male fans coveting the videographer’s position.

Presenting Simba Gee, Zimuto wrote, “Behind the scenes with @simba_gee Munhu anoziva basa rake zvake iyeyu. We work together like bhande and bhrugwa (Behind the scenes with Simba Gee, a person who is well versed in his work. We work together very closely).

“Lots of work in the loop. Most of it to be released at the #exhibition #27thJuly walala wasala #Gorereratidzo #V’tude #vimbaititude.”

These are the reactions…

“Simba well done for the job asi chichemo changu ndechichi , haudi assistant here mwana wamai usandidaro ndiri nherera ndatopedza newe so,” Kosimasi Mashiri.

“Poor soul, I wonder how he feels being subjected to nakedness every time,” Brighton Busybee Muponda.

“I can be Simba’s assistant. …..Eish where can i get Simba’s Contact details,” Tkayzee Tarrus Manic.

“Is there a way I can be simba’s intern, no salary just experience sake.” Willard Bird Nyoni.

“Do you realize how many souls yu are leading to hell,” Ba Brooklyn Mayor Munenga.

“Simba uyu takutongomuti Saint Simba nokuti zvkwadi nezvaanoona and he remains on the straight narrow huuuuuuuuuh ndi St Simba for real,” Tasa Muyangeni.

“Most men be like”When i grow up i want to be Simba”,” Primrose Tom Gunura.

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