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Fans Demand More Nudes From Vimbai Zimuto

Ko akapfeka wani, I’m disappointed, all those pics and now nthn
Ndichiri kungotsvaga ma nudes andaona pa cover iyo?
The video could have been better nude
Ko ingawani akapfeka!! Ndanga ndichida kuona zvimwe zviya ?
Ko hauna kuita zviya zviya wani ndoo zvandavinga ini
While some were yearning for more nudity, some took the opportunity to reign in on the singer cautioning her to work and improve her image.
“Yeah it’s a good and educational song but vanhu they’re complaining about your identity mwanasikana. Chengeta ma nudes ako wega or kusendera muface wako we can’t deny you to do that but not on social media. Some people won’t come to your show with their family members because they don’t know what you gonna do apa panenge pane vanyarikani. ndizvo chete zvandinazvo kwauri mwanasikana,” commented one viewer
“I luv the African sound of it. Mbira etc our music must never die. Keep doing that kwete ma nudes please,” added another concerned music lover.
Zimuto shot way into the limelight last year with a highly sensual music video called Hapana Kwaunoenda.
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