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Sikhala’s Friends Slam ED Ally Over Judicial Interference

A group calling itself ‘Friends of Job Sikhala Solidarity Trust’ has blasted Masvingo resident Minister and top ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Ezra Chadzamira for what they alleged interference with the judiciary.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday group spokesperson, Emmanuel Zellers Gumbo alleges that Chadzamira addressed a rally in Mwenezi where he teased opposition MDC supporters for gathering in Masvingo during Sikhala’s trial saying that would not stop the court from incarcerating the combative legislator.

“Ezra Chadzamira a ZANU PF mandarin in Masvingo addressed the people in Mwenezi, during the Council by election saying that no matter the number of people who come to support our dear friend Hon Job Sikhala, he will go to prison under whatever circumstances,” said Gumbo

He said Chadzamira was just seeking attention by attacking Sikhala.

“Firstly, before going into detail, let me hasten to say that Chadzamira is an idiot of no substance and has no history to be taken as anything by anyone in Zimbabwe. He is just a jester who got a junior appointment by Emmerson Mnangagwa after the coup as a resident Minister for Masvingo Province.

“He is unknown beyond the parameters of his house gate. He seeks attention by attacking our dear friend. We also wonder what knowledge he has over the judgment awaiting our dear friend Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala for him to boldly say such statements. It is dangerous for anyone no matter who you are to interfere with the judiciary. This undermines the administration of justice in our country,” he said.

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Gumbo said the utterance further vindicates the ruling Zanu PF’s interference with the judiciary.

“It is unfortunately further confirming ZANU PF’s interference with the operation of the judiciary. Let this idiot be warned that his utterances are a recipe for serious conflict in the country in the event that it is confirmed that he interfered with the administration of justice in our country. The consequences are ghastly to contemplate in the event that his utterances come to fruition,” he said.

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